Staff Directory

William Berrios


Phone: 212-592-2043
Email: wberrios@sva.edu

Anthony Thompson

Associate Director of Operations

Phone: 212-592-2048
Email: athompson8@sva.edu

Patricia Meléndez

Operations Manager

Phone: 212-592-2041
Email: pmelendez@sva.edu

Francis Quirindongo

Office Assistant

Phone: 212-592-2040
Email: fquirindongo@sva.edu

Brian Helmstetter

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 212-592-2037
Email: bhelmstetter@sva.edu

Jose Caldera

Loan Coordinator

Phone: 212-592-2044
Email: jcaldera@sva.edu

Christina Ramirez

Associate Director of Data Management

Phone: 212-592-2504
Email: cramirez11@sva.edu

Matthew Smith (A – G)

Financial Aid Advisor

Phone: 212-592-2035
Email: msmith14@sva.edu

Melissa Quinones

Assistant Director of Debt Management

Phone: 212-592-2230
Email: mquinones2@sva.edu

Winnie Kwan (H – O)

Financial Aid Advisor

Phone: 212-592-2034
Email: wkwan@sva.edu

Lillian Liang (P – Z)

Financial Aid Advisor

Phone: 212-592-2032
Email: lliang3@sva.edu