Below is a list of frequently asked questions for the Office of Finance.

Click on the question to see it’s answer. If you don’t see your question on this list or if you need further clarification about something then please send an email to finance@sva.edu.

Is the School of Visual Arts a tax-exempt institution?

The School of Visual Arts is a proprietary organization, and as such is not tax-exempt.

How often are checks issued?

Checks are issued every Friday. Check request, guest lecturer, and/or travel and expense forms must be submitted a full week, the Friday, before the date of issue.

Is it possible to have a check issued out of cycle?

It is possible, in the case of an emergency. In such cases, please call the Controller at (212) 592-2641 to make arrangements.

How do I find out if my check request has been processed?

Please call the Accounts Payable Department, at (212) 592-2653, to learn the status of any check request submitted.

How will I receive my check?

Checks are sent via interoffice mail and must be signed for.

What should I do if I do not receive my check?

If you have not received your check that you submitted paperwork for, please contact the Accounts Payable Department immediately at (212) 592-2653.

What do I do if I lose my check?

Please contact the Accounts Payable Department immediately if you believe your check is lost or missing. AP will make sure that the check has not been cashed, then they will stop payment on the check and issue you a new one.

Is it possible for a student to cash a check?

For security reasons, the School of Visual Arts does not offer this service to students.

What should I do if I receive an original invoice directly?

Please send the invoice to the Accounts Payable Department and they will contact the vendor to have the billing address changed.

Does Accounts Payable make payments from statements?

For security reasons, Accounts Payable renders payments from invoices only. Please mail or fax (212) 592-2632 invoices to the Accounts Payable Department. Please note that the original invoice must also be sent by mail. Should you require any further information regarding this matter, please contact Accounts Payable at (212) 592-2653.

Is it possible to express mail vendor payments?

Yes, it is possible you express mail vendor payments, upon management approval. For more information regarding this matter, please contact the Accounts Payable Department at (212) 592-2653.

How does a vendor receive payment on a purchase order?

A vendor must submit an invoice that includes the purchase order number. Accounts Payable will match the invoice to the original purchase order for payment.

How do I code an expense?

In order to code an expense accurately, please refer to your department’s budget for a complete list of expense codes. If you are still unsure how to code an expense, please contact the Controller at (212) 592-2641.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding charges to my budget?

Should you have questions regarding your budget, send a detailed email to the Controller, who will then in turn contact you.

What is Web Budget?

Budget is a MyServices workflow that allows budget officers to monitor their departmental operational and instructional budgets, including details on requisitions, encumbrances, actuals, and available funds online. It integrates real-time with Colleague Financials and is available at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection.

How do I access Web Budget?

Budget is available to SVA employees responsible for the administration of their departmental budgets. MyServices access to Budget is granted to SVA employees by request from their supervisors. To request access, fill out MyServices Budget Login Request at Login Request Forms.