Finance Forms

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These are the forms associated with the Office for Finance

  • Payment Requests
    In lieu of the phased out Check Request Form, SVA employees are now able to submit requests for payment of; non purchase order invoices, guest lecturers, substitute teachers, thesis advisors, mentors, and bartenders online at myID – E-Forms/Accounts Payable Portal
  • Multiple Check Request Form
    In an effort to work smart and eliminate repetitive paperwork, please use the attached spreadsheet. This sheet should be used when you are submitting numerous check requests (5 or more) for the same reason. Please remember contracts or any other type of check support should still be included with your request. This should benefit your department as well as the Finance area.
  • W-9 Form
    Your standard W-9 form. Nothing special here.
  • Guest Lecturer Form
    Submitted by departments to Accounts Payable for guest speakers. Checks are issued every Friday. Guest lecturer forms must be submitted a full week, the Friday, before the date of issue.
    Please note All payments to guest lecturers who are also current faculty members will be processed through payroll and should appear in their next monthly paycheck. Guest Lecturer e-form is located at myID – E-Forms/Accounts Payable Portal

Employee Expenses

These are forms/documents associated with Employee Travel, Entertainment, and Business Expenses.

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