Web Budget

What is Web Budget?

Budget is a MyServices workflow that allows budget officers to monitor their departmental operational and instructional budgets, including details on requisitions, encumbrances, actuals, and available funds online. It integrates real-time with Colleague Financials and is available at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection.

For more information please see MyServices Budget page.

Policies & Procedures

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Requisition/Purchase Orders Policy

Procedure for processing invoices

Policy regarding Check Requests

Travel & Expense Reports Policy

Policy/Procedure regarding Procurement Cards

Business Travel Policy/Procedures

Policy/Procedures regarding Contracts

Policy/Procedure regarding Periodical Subscription Services at SVA

Policy/Procedures regarding insurance for Off Campus Activities

Policy/Procedure regarding Business Cards and Stationery

Policy/Procedures regarding Payroll

Policy/Procedures regarding Time Sheets

Chart of Accounts

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