Web Budget

What is Web Budget?

Budget is a MyServices workflow that allows budget officers to monitor their departmental operational and instructional budgets, including details on requisitions, encumbrances, actuals, and available funds online. It integrates real-time with Colleague Financials and is available at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection.

For more information please see MyServices Budget page.

Policies & Procedures

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Employees who wish to purchase goods and/or services on behalf of SVA must notify the Purchasing Department via Purchase Requisition. A Purchase Requisition will need to be submitted online via MyServices located at myID. Once the Purchase Requisition is completed in detail, the information will be used to generate a Purchase Order (PO), which will be forwarded to the vendor for processing. Note that all Purchase Requisitions require supervisor approval before Purchasing can proceed with acquiring your goods/services. Please contact the Purchasing Department at x2606 or at to obtain access to Web Purchase Requisitions.

Only the Purchasing Department may issue a PO to a vendor or negotiate contracts with existing or potential vendors. Only those individuals designated by the President and EVP may sign contracts.

All vendor invoices must be sent directly to Accounts Payable in order to insure timely payment to vendors.

In the event that goods/services are rendered without a PO in place, then a check request should be submitted to AP for payment.

There are instances where a Procurement Card (see Procurement Card section on page 3) may be used to make purchases (e.g. weekends, emergencies when a PO or Check Request is not feasible), but these should be exceptions and not standard practice.

All invoices must be mailed from the vendor directly to the attention of the Accounts Payable Department at SVA, 209 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010 or emailed to

The invoice must include the name of the department or individual making the purchase so that it may be properly recorded and routed for approval. The invoice must also contain the PO #, if applicable. Invoices that are sent directly to other departments will be returned to the vendor for proper submission.

Signing and dating an invoice constitutes approval. The approver is attesting that the all information on the invoice and any backup documents attached are correct. Additionally, the approver is attesting the goods received and services performed are to SVA’s satisfaction. This applies to all invoices regardless of what method was used to procure the item/service, Purchase Order (PO), Blanket Purchase Order (BPO), check request, travel & expense form (T&E), guest lecturer form, thesis advisor form.

Please note SVA does not pay vendors using sales orders, statements or quotes as support.

Check Request forms are used to request direct payment (by check, wire, or ACH) from the College to a third party. They should not be used in lieu of a Purchase Order and are only applicable if you are purchasing from a supplier who does NOT accept purchase orders. Payment on check requests will be made 30 days from receipt of properly completed check request with accompanying invoice provided that the goods and or services have been provided. Incomplete requests will be returned for correction and resubmission. Check Request e-forms can be found online at myID – E-Forms/Accounts Payable Portal.

Should a department need to engage a temporary worker or an independent contractor (e.g. freelancer or consultant), please contact Human Resources (HR) first. They will guide the department through the appropriate process. A check request with an invoice attached, submitted after services are rendered, is not the appropriate protocol. Any such submissions will not be processed for payment, but instead, will be forwarded to HR to follow up with the requesting department and determine the next step and/or appropriate action to be taken.

Note: An individual employed by SVA in any capacity that is engaged to perform other/additional work for SVA will be paid as an employee.

Payment requests for temporary worker(s) or independent contractor(s) will be processed as any other vendor payment providing that the check request and invoice are complete, accurate, and accompanied by either a pre-approved HR action form or signed contract.

A Travel and Expense report is used to request reimbursement of out-of-pocket funds expenditures made on behalf of the College.

All accurately completed and signed Travel & Expense forms must be received by the Accounts Payable Department 15 days before the next payroll cycle. Employees seeking reimbursement will be paid through Payroll and non-employees will be paid through Accounts Payable.

Detailed Travel and Entertainment Policy and Procedures can be found online at myid – Resources – Finance – Forms section or in the ‘Travel Policies’ section of the Administrative Handbook.

All employees traveling on SVA business are required to obtain approval prior to making travel arrangements via completion of Travel Authorization and Business Advance Form. You may also locate this form on myID – Resources – Finance – Forms section.

The Procurement Card (P-Card) program allows for the efficient purchase of atypical and irregular supplies and/or services necessary to conduct SVA business totaling less than $500 on a per-transaction basis. The card is intended to obviate the need for petty-cash funds for such purchases and is not otherwise intended to bypass SVA’s resource management function in procuring typical supplies and services on a routine basis.

The issuance of Procurement Cards is entirely discretionary in nature and they are issued directly to the authorized employees at the discretion of the Controller. Please see the ‘Finance Policies’ section of the Administrative Handbook for details. If a purchase is made on the P-card it should be clearly indicated on the monthly reconciliation report in the “purpose of expense” field as to why the purchase was not handled with a Purchase Order. The Pcard is not intended to be used for meals or entertainment.

All employees traveling on SVA business are required to obtain approval prior to making travel arrangements via completion of the Travel Authorization and Business Advance Form. You may also locate this form on myid – Resources – Finance-Forms section

All contracts (excluding faculty and temporary employee contracts) must be reviewed by the Purchasing Department in the Office of Resource Management ( at least 3 weeks prior to the commitment date. Employees may not enter into any negotiations independently. The Purchasing Department will negotiate the contract and obtain approval. Only those individuals designated by the President and EVP may sign contracts.

SVA uses cSubs (formerly Corporate Subscription Management Services) to obtain competitive rates on commonly requested publications. For details contact the Purchasing Department at

Should you experience delivery issues with any subscriptions you have purchased through cSubs please inform Irene to receive replacement issues and/or credits.

Before you book or make reservations for any on or off-campus activity that involves students, faculty or staff that places them at significant risk (e.g. rock climbing, skiing, white-water rafting, sky diving, etc.) please contact the College’s insurance agent:

Gary M. Smith CPCUSCS Agency, Inc.
Phone: (516) 466-6007 Extension: 230
Fax: (516) 829-5857

All Business Cards and Stationery requests should be handled through the Visual Arts Press, SVA’s in-house design studio. More information can be found online at

Semi-monthly advices are distributed on the 15th and the last calendar day of each month. If either of these days should fall on a weekend or holiday, you will be paid on the last preceding workday. Pay advices are delivered to a designated employee in each department unless other arrangements have been made with Payroll. Any employee absent on a payday should inquire with the department’s designated payroll coordinator for the advice.

Upon completion, time sheets must be approved by the Department Head/Chair, scanned, and submitted via e-mail by 10am every Tuesday to

The timesheet form can ce accessed online at myID – Kronos Online Timekeeping System.

Chart of Accounts

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