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There are many parts to keeping a successful college campus running. The Resource Management team has seen it all! Explore some of our featured services that are sourced to meet a unique set of needs in an ever-changing marketplace.

Office Supplies – W.B. Mason

Shop WB Mason for all of your routine office supply needs. Make sure to submit your order online by 3 P. M., to have it delivered the next business day directly to your department. Special order items from the W. B. Mason catalog may take longer for delivery.

Amazon Business Prime

Take advantage of Amazon Business Prime benefits today including unlimited fast free shipping and requisition-free buying.

Periodical Subscription Services

All SVA students, faculty, and staff receive free digital access to over one-hundred subscription databases. Catch up with the latest issue of popular titles like The New York Times and Chronicle of Higher Education by providing your SVA email address to the SVA Library.  They will be able to address any questions about specific publications and/or issues.

Computers, Office Equipment, Copiers, and Technology

Computer and technology purchases are procured through the Campus Store, SVA’s own educational reseller. Orders must be made with a requisition through the MyServices system. Leasing these items are normally done twice per year, once in the summer and again in the winter. Keep an eye out for an email with special instructions on how to proceed when we hit leasing season.

Repairs/Service Calls

Are your copiers or water coolers acting up again? Have no fear. Reach out to Office Services directly at so they may arrange for necessary repairs or service calls.

Furniture requires a 6-8 week lead time, from the date the order is placed. Purchasing should be immediately advised of any problems with an order or installation so that can be addressed with the furniture dealer.

Below are some preferred vendors:

Need a Repair?

Most furniture comes with a manufacturer warranty. Check with Purchasing to see if your furniture is covered should you need repairs.

Furniture Redistribution

Before discarding old furniture, you should contact Purchasing for possible redistribution elsewhere in the College. They will coordinate with Office Services to handle small moving projects supported by internal staff. Larger project moves are managed through a bidding process and hiring of outside professional movers.

Rideshare Services

With the approval of your department head, taking advantage of our rideshare services may be helpful to you. If you are interested in signing up, please submit a completed user agreement form to and inquire about the next steps.

Bus Transportation

Take education outside of the classroom on one of our vans and high capacity buses for the occasional day trip, tour, etc.

Corporate Travel

SVA is pleased to announce its partnership with Corporate Travel Planners, Inc. (CTP) as its travel management company. Book and manage your business travel needs all in one platform!

Catering Services

In the event you have a need for catering services, we can connect you with vendors that have successfully provided services for both on-campus and off-campus events.

  • Divine Catering
  • Neuman’s Kitchen
  • Entertaining Ideas

Seamless Corporate

Whether you are celebrating a birthday at the office or planning a catered event, you can save time and money by having meals delivered straight to your office. Sign up for your Seamless Corporate account today for convenient delivery options.

Serving Alcohol?

If you will be serving alcohol, an Alcohol Request Form must be approved by the Provost’s Office. Serving alcohol at an SVA sponsored event must be done by a qualified bartender. No alcoholic beverages may be served at events hosted on campus by an undergraduate department, or by any department whose event is intended primarily for undergraduate students.

From physical appearance to attitude to costume to props, the Model Registry and Casting Office pride themselves on finding the perfect model or actor to answer the specific needs of our faculty and students. 

For Instructors

Model and acting assignments are arranged directly through the Model Registry or Casting Office. For more information about policies and services for in-person and remote assignments, you can reach out via email at or at

Interested in becoming a model?

All SVA models are considered independent contractors, must be 18 years of age, and must provide the Model Registrar with their name, mailing address, and Taxpayer Identification Number before they are able to work in any class. Models are selected through an audition process.

If you are interested in attending the next audition, please click here and fill out the form. 

If you are interested in acting for SVA film projects, please send a headshot, reel, and resume to

Help make SVA and our planet a cleaner place to live. Our Office Services team is happy to lend you a helping hand with removing and/or recycling any unwanted materials. You may reach out to them at regarding any of the services below:

Document Destruction

Office Services works with Shred-it to provide SVA with a secure document destruction solution. Secure mobile shredding or off-site document destruction is scheduled as needed.

Recycling Services

In addition to just recycling paper, office items such as computers, toner cartridges, and batteries can also be reclaimed and repurposed. Office Services will arrange for the collection of any obsolete equipment and supplies upon request.

Moving Services

Don’t be a hero. Depending on the size of the project, Office Services will coordinate with either internal staff or outside movers to do the heavy lifting for you.

All mail & shipping services for the School of Visual Arts are handled through Mail & Office Services, including inter-office, overnight/express, first-class and bulk mailings. You may reach out to them at for further inquiry about any of the services mentioned below:

Incoming Mail

All incoming mail should use SVA’s primary address:

209 East 23 Street
New York, NY 10010-3994

Please note, mail addressed to other locations will be delivered by USPS personnel and dropped off in the building’s lobby. This may lead to delays and/or loss.

Mail & Office Services’ staff retrieves incoming mail from the Madison Avenue Post Office once per day. This mail is distributed using the department mailboxes located in building lobbies.

Due to the large volume of official SVA mail, Mail & Office Services does NOT accept personal mail for students, faculty, or staff. Personal mail arriving at the Mail & Office Services locations will be refused and returned to the sender.

Interoffice Mail

Internal correspondence should be enclosed in an inter-office envelope.

Outgoing Mail

Individual mail pieces are sent out daily at the USPS First Class rate. Mail placed in the designated mailbox slot before our pickup time will process on the same day; except for our Westside locations, the mail is shipped the following day. Any Express mail dropped in the mail slot after our pickup time will process the next business day. If you require a pickup for larger amounts of mail that cannot fit in your designated mail slot, please contact for assistance. 

Large mailings of 300 or more pieces require a two-week notice and a Mailing Request Form. For any mailing that requires addressing, folding, inserting, collating, etc., a sample piece should accompany the Mailing Request Form to determine the postage rate, machinability, and amount of labor required.

USPS, Express Mail, UPS, and FedEx are currently the only authorized overnight shipping services.

Outgoing Packages

Packages may ship through the College’s preferred courier services – FedEx for international shipments, and UPS for domestic shipments. To have your packages shipped, complete a Shipping Request Form and send it to

Promotional Mailings

It is recommended that you consult the Visual Arts Press (VAP) regarding the design of any promotional mailings. The VAP and MOS can ensure your mailing meets postal standards while retaining the integrity of your design. Click the button below to view an example of our many mailing design templates.

Messenger & Courier Services

Office Services works with an independent messenger/trucking service to coordinate on and off-campus pick-ups and deliveries.

How You Can Help Us

Once you decide what type of good or service you need, make sure you gather the required materials to support your purchase request. The more information you provide the better.

  • Supporting documents help us to ensure that your specifications are correctly met. Some attachments might include vendor correspondence with a price quote, contract, invoice, letter of agreement, or vendor’s insurance certificate.
  • A vendor’s pricing is considered confidential information and may not be shared with other vendors.
  • Purchasing will review requests submitted for goods and services and may solicit quotes from alternate vendors to obtain competitive pricing. Every effort will be made to procure items via the best option possible, and your department may be contacted to consider an alternate vendor with more favorable pricing or terms.
  • No commitment to the vendor should be made or implied until the Purchasing Office issues a Purchase Order.  

All contracts (excluding faculty and temporary employee contracts) should be reviewed by the Purchasing Department at least three weeks prior to the commitment date. Employees may not enter into any negotiations independently. The Purchasing Department will negotiate the contract and obtain approval. Only those individuals delegated by the President and EVP may sign contracts.

Vendor Insurance

Some vendors are required to provide SVA with a Certificate of Insurance before being awarded business or appearing on the campus. Examples include contractors, furniture installers, movers, professional service providers, caterers, and others who are physically working at the College. Every situation is different. We can help you determine the level of coverage that is needed and coordinate with the vendor to ensure that it meets the College’s requirements.

Please refer to the complete SVA Insurance Requirements Package for details.

Place an Order

When you are finally ready to place an order, take one last look at the type of vendor you are working with – are they an organization? Submit a requisition. Are they an individual? Submit an E-Form. If you are still unsure about your next steps, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Purchasing Team for more help.

A Purchase Requisition will need to be submitted via MyServices. All Requisitions require sufficient backup documents and supervisor approval before Purchasing can proceed with acquiring your goods/services. This information will be used by the Purchasing Department to generate a Purchase Order (PO) or Blanket Purchase Order (BPO). When it is time to pay the vendor, any of the following payment methods may be used: physical check, ACH/direct deposit, wire transfer, credit card.

If still unsure, check out our MyServices Procurement Handbook or any of our video tutorials* for step-by-step instructions. (*Vimeo Password: SVA (all caps))

  • For payments to individuals, please submit the request via the E-Forms system available in MyServices under Financial Management. The SVA ID number of the individual and an invoice detailing scope of services and payment amount will be required for processing.
  • E-Forms can be utilized to facilitate payments to individuals in any of these areas: Guest Lecturers, Substitute Instructor, Thesis Advisors, Mentors, Reimbursements for Travel & Expenses, and Other Miscellaneous Services
  • Individuals receiving payment may be subject to payroll taxes if they are deemed to be employees by SVA Human Resources.

A procurement card, or P-Card, is a company card that employees are allowed to use for emergencies or small one-off purchases under the awareness of their supervisor. Because P-Card purchases bypass the traditional requisition and approval process, all P-card transactions must be reconciled for AP to review at the end of every month. For all other credit card purchases, a web requisition must be submitted through MyServices so the Purchasing team may create a PO and process the payment on your behalf.



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